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*Alt* Flat Iron Waves - Add Some Easy Texture!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Most of us have tried creating waves or curls in our hair at home with a curling iron. Some of us may have tried going in vertically with the flat iron as well, making a twist and pulling it through the ends. But there are other ways to give it a shot, and different outcomes to be had!

Play around with the following flat iron technique. It works best with a smaller, rounder-edge flat iron but you can get the effect with any type or brand. You can combine this with classic flat iron waves on longer hair, or even try mixing it up with a large barrel curling iron curl. You have a lot of control over where the waves begin and end with this technique, so use that to your advantage! For example, you could use it to emphasize or de-emphasize parts of your face - i.e., visually widen your chin/ jawline by making a horizontal wave there that "pulls out" the width at that location.

Here is my favourite, alternative way to use your flat iron to create a subtle bend in your hair, for a look that's effortlessly modern.



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