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So now I'm a blogger!

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Hi friends!

So, obviously I can't work now - no hairs to cut, colour or style. No homes to visit and help decorate. BUT, I've been asked by some very lovely and supportive people to provide some "content" for you, related to styling. Whether it be hair ideas/ tutorials, home styling tips and tricks, or other general styling ideas, I'm up to the challenge!

Funny, when I was encouraged by a guest/friend to do this a few months back (BC - before Coronavirus), it seemed like a HUGE undertaking. I hummed and hawed and didn't quite get to it. Now, although somehow time passes more quickly than I expected, I am excited to provide some much needed relief from the mundane/ negative, and also eager to hear what YOU would like to know more about! So here's a picture of me, EXCITED! Because I'm practicing how to set this thing up! ha.

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