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Super Simple Holiday Decorating

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Decorating for the holidays doesn't have to be (and shouldn't be!) hard or expensive. You can't go wrong if you keep the following three simple tips in mind.

1. Decorate in Your Signature Style

How is your home decorated year-round? Warm, natural and rustic? Modern, white and glamorous? Ecclectic, colourful and bohemian? Whatever you are naturally drawn to is the best direction for your holiday style as well! Doing this will help guide your shopping choices, and also help when you’re going through all the holiday boxes. Keeping a similar vibe in your holiday decorating will bring harmony to your home - and you’ll probably want to keep it up longer!

* Pro tip: you don’t need to use every holiday decor item you own, every year! Better yet, donate the things that don't spark joy to streamline the process.

(Images courtesy of,,

2. Let Nature Be Your Guide

Bringing in boughs of cedar, ruby red berries, pinecones and pine branches is a surefire way to keep it classy and engage the senses, in any style of home. Whether it’s a real tree, a mantle draped in greenery, or your favourite vase with cut branches, the smell, feel and sight of greenery at Christmas adds personality, warmth and a sense of nostalgia to any space. “Spruce” the greenery up – ha! – with ornaments, candles or lights, or dip your pinecones in paint or glitter if it doesn’t feel like quite enough pizazz!

* Pro Tip: For a fun winter weekend activity, go for a hike with the kids. Take some nature pics, find some animal tracks, and collect some pinecones. Grab some branches and berries while you're at it! Follow it up with some hot chocolate and let the kids decorate some cones any way they please.

(First image courtesy of, photographed by Tracey Ayton; Pinecone Image:

3. Be Twinkly (in Your Own Way!)

Everything seems just a bit more magical with a little sparkle and glow, especially during the holiday season! Whether your regular decorating style is full-on glam – bedazzled, be-jeweled and crystalized everything; or more subtle with white mini-lights, candles, mirror and your best crystal glassware, there is a place for twinkle in every home. Don’t forget outside, too!

* Pro Tip: Dim or turn off the regular overhead lights after the sun sets, and enjoy the warm ambiance every night! Bonus points for quiet carols in the background - or if you're like me, your favourite holiday special on Netflix. ;)

Bring it on Home!

I find it hard to label the style of my own home - maybe you do too! I like to pull from many different styles, but overall it's definitely less glam and more natural. Keeping the above tips in mind, here's a couple images of how I styled my mantle this year. Nature-themed pinecone stocking holders (some with glitter!); cozy neutral stockings (had for a few years), cedar boughs (2 for $8 bought from Canadian Tire), and twinkly fairy lights from the Dollarstore, $4). Easy, inexpensive, pretty and festive!

Cedar boughs, fairy lights and natural, cozy-themed accessories

I hope you have a beautiful holiday season! Have fun decorating - I'd love to see your favourite decorating moments in your own home!

xo B

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