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Elevate Your Style.
Simplify Your Life.

Posy House Styling is your go-to for effortless beauty and confidence.




Bianca - woman with blond hair and white sweater perched on table edge in breakfast nook


Hi! I´m Bianca, your multifaceted stylist.

Welcome to the home of effortless chic and elevated living—I'm Bianca Sarmazian, your dedicated stylist and seasonal colour consultant. My journey from a publishing career to becoming a master hairstylist has led me to my true passion: simplifying and enhancing your life through intentional styling choices. Working primarily from my comfortable home studio, I offer a focused approach to seasonal colour analysis, helping you discover the shades that will make you radiate confidence.


With a background in Interior Design, I bring a holistic touch to your life, harmonizing not just your wardrobe, but your living spaces as well. Founded in 2019, Posy House Styling was born out of the desire to be a "one-stop-shop" for all your aesthetic needs.


I believe that when you look good, you feel good—and that sense of ease and poise should extend to your surroundings.


Let's unlock a lifestyle of comfort, confidence, and effortless elegance together.


From seasonal colour analysis to home aesthetics, I offer a curated range of services designed to meet your distinct style requirements. As a multifaceted stylist, my approach isn't just about a single look; it's about creating a harmonious lifestyle that brings you ease and confidence

Kitchen island with charcuterie board and sunflowers
Home Styling

Whether you're struggling to make your home function at its best, need some sprucing-up for your entertaining needs, or are tackling a larger renovation and need a pro to look things over, I can help. Contact me for a custom consultation.

Bianca Sarmazian -woman with blond hair and white sweater drapes fabric swatches over decorative blanket ladder
Seasonal Colour Analysis

Elevate your confidence and streamline your daily routine with an in-person color analysis consultation tailored for the busy woman. We'll pinpoint the shades that make you shine—from clothing and makeup to hair color and accessories—eliminating the hassle and indecision from your closet.

home hair salon with two chairs
Hair Styling

Visit my full-service hair salon for the ultimate guest experience. Textured cuts, short cuts, low maintenance styling, and pretty, natural colour are my specialties. *Currently not accepting new hair clients*

A visit to Posy House Styling is an escape to a calm, contemporary salon in the country. Bianca's expertise as a stylist is second to none, always delighted with the results!

- Michelle


Find your perfect palette.

Say goodbye to the overwhelm of endless choices and hello to a carefully curated palette that elevates your beauty and confidence. Seasonal colour analysis is a deep dive into the shades and tones that truly complement your unique skin tone, hair, and eyes. 

The right colours can:

Highlight your facial details

Say goodbye to lines, shadows, and blemishes that are emphasized by the wrong colors. Discover the hues that uplift your facial features and make you glow.

Rejuvenate your skin tone

Are you wearing colors that make your skin appear grayish or uneven? Learn which shades bring out a healthy, rosy or golden glow.

Control the focus

Shift attention from being centered around your clothes to highlighting YOU. It's time for people to see you, not just the colors you wear.

Simplify your life while looking and feel absolutely fabulous!

Bianca Sarmazian -woman with blond hair and white sweater holds mannequin draped in fabric swatches for seasonal

Ready to invest in a lifestyle of effortless style and confidence? Let’s bring your vision to life.

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